Crisis communications

Keeping course amid the storm

Can you handle a crisis situation when your reputation is on the line? Are you ready to step up as spokesperson of your crisis team? These questions clearly show that you have to prepare your organization for a crisis situation. And The Hague Academy is the perfect partner to achieve your goals.

Crises occur in many variations. A factory fire significantly differs from the sudden departure of a CEO from a publicly traded company. But a crisis always is a litmus test to your reputation. You have to stand firm under huge pressure, stay on course and be brave and flexible at the same time.

Crises put your communication strategy and spokespersons’ abilities at the test. Therefore, it is crucial for every organization to prepare for crises and examine the effectiveness of its key messages during a crisis simulation. The trainers of The Hague Academy have extensive experience in journalism, corporate life and governance. They have managed many crises succesfully, in the Dutch political arena and/or in business and societal organizations.

Our crisis communications course can be booked per full day and you can opt for a morning or afternoon session. It is also possible to train your entire communications team.

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Learning goals:

– Do’s and dont’s of crisis communications
– The role of communications in your crisis team
– Transmitting your key messages under huge pressure
– Dealing with stress
– Dealing with the media, how to use social media

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