Media training

Everyone a journalist

The online revolution has changed our media landscape significantly in recent years. ‘The media’ does not longer exist: social media turned everyone into a journalist. This sets new requirements to the communications strategy of companies and organizations, and the performance of their figureheads: CEO’s, politicians, spokespersons and communications managers. They must be able to empathize with journalists and, even more important, their public / audience.

Every professional that acts as the voice of an organization benefits from a media training by former journalists and communication experts. The Hague Academy trainers have prepared many organizations – from the profit and non-profit sector – for important media events. During the media training ‘Everyone journalist’, we focus on fine-tuning a storyline in front of the camera. While taking into account who you are, because the story you tell has to fit you well.

You can either book a full day or a half day training. It is possible and recommendable to train your full communication department.

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Learning goals

- Understanding of how the media work: think like a journalist

- Finding and formulating your story

- The hunger for information of the outside world

- Creation of frames that work

- Learn how to be in control while communicating with the media

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