The Netherlands in a Nutshell

Dealing with the Dutch.

Do you really have a King? Who is Wilders? Which papers should I read? Why are the Dutch so rude?

If you recently arrived in The Netherlands to spend the next few years working and living with the Dutch, these are just a few questions you might have. Let us make your arrival in The Netherlands a soft landing. We can help you understand the Dutch.

At Hague Academy we offer a concise introduction to governance, politics, media and culture of The Netherlands. Our trainers are people with an international outlook and long track-records in the field of media, business, diplomacy and politics. They will guide you through the Dutch political system, share their experience with you, and answer your questions.

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In just three hours you will expand your knowledge on how to deal with the Dutch.

Welcome to The Netherlands.


From 9:30 to 13:00, lunch included.

  • Governance: Get to know what the most important institutions are in Dutch governance. Exploring the interplay between the chambers of parliament, the government and the ministries. Discover the importance of regional and local bodies and the institutions of the European Union on policy making in the Netherlands.
  • Politics: Guiding you through the crowded field of Dutch political parties and factions. Learn their positions and the main political players in The Hague and get acquainted with the polder-system.
  • Media: Learn what the major Dutch media outlets are, the top-newspapers, the popular news-programmes and the rise of social media. More importantly, learn how to use these mediums to get your message across.
  • Dutch culture: How do the Dutch interact with each other? What are the do’s and don’ts in social and business settings and how does one “act normal” in the Netherlands? How is Dutch society structured? Are the Dutch as equalitarian as they think they are or are class-differences just subtler but no less present.

Target Audience

The course The Netherlands in a Nutshell prepares newly arrived diplomats and expats who will be dealing with Dutch politics, governance and media.



€ 350per person incl. VAT
  • Lunch included
  • Duration: 1 morning
  • Date: Thursday 30th of March 2017
  • Max. number of participants: 15 persons
  • Location: Fluwelen Burgwal 1E The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Contact: Josja Roest, coordinator Hague Academy
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