There are many ways to communicate. But the best way to get your audience to listen, is to build stories. Real-life stories that resound in all of us: a gripping anecdote, a personal memory, a detail that one remembers – they all breathe life into the message you want to convey. 

In this course, we introduce the principles of that age-old craft of storytelling. We help you find your story, and use storytelling techniques in a conversation. We help you to discover the story behind the story, and use the power of details and strong words. We help you to find the language that builds a connection with the person(s) you talk to. In the end you will realize how to be a more compelling speaker and reach your goals in your personal communication.

Our storytelling is given by Peter ter Horst, Managing Partner of Hague Corporate Affairs, and author of two acclaimed books, who told thousands of stories from all over the world in a 32-year career in journalism.

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Learning objectives:

  • Introduction in the principles of storytelling
  • Basics of storytelling techniques in a conversation
  • Become familiar with the power of details and strong words
  • Become a more compelling speaker

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